The Art of Kevin Hunts



Quotes Kevin did a house portrait for me to give to my parents for Christmas. My sister said, "This is the best gift that was ever brought into this house!" Of course, the portrait was beautiful and portrayed the granduer of my parents' home. Kevin also made and signed six 11 x 14 prints which my brothers and the grandchildren received as gifts from me. This really was one of those best Christmas gifts ever for the whole family! Quotes
Christmas Customer

Quotes I have seen several of Kevin's art projects actually being done from start to finish. He did a portrait of my daughter, that is on this website under portraits, that totally blew me away when I saw it!!! The details of his drawing were exactly as the photo!..His talent is amazing and his imagination is a gift that he possesses. I've also bought the piece called "Nectar" and the LSU/Fleur De Lis. I can sit and look at his art all day and have been totally satisified with each piece that I have purchased!!! Quotes
Adrienne Duhon
Customer and friend

Quotes I want "Nectar" and "Fantasy Castle" on my business cards ... except they would be small and not present your art the show place or justice it deserves. I will find a way to use your beautiful art one of these days ! Thank you for letting me enjoy it until then !!! Carmen Quotes
Carmen Rose
Entertainer who loves this art !